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Dear Sirs or Madam:

FIRST AND FOREMOST, attached hereto are the documents with the names, telephone numbers, address, and loan numbers and parties this Complaint are filed against. I will NOT ALLOW Central Mortgage or any governmental agency to deflect this criminal, illegal and violation of rights complaint into a Modification fiasco or circus when the fact is the COMPLAINT filed against the two companies is ENTIRELY hinged on the criminal, illegal and intentionally malicious practices inflicted on me and the damages caused by both Central Mortgage Company and their agents, affiliates, associates or hired guns.

The Complaint filed now with numerous agencies who seem to be falling into the trap of Central Mortgage's attempt to DIVERT the ATTENTION of the ROOT and BASE of the complaints which are COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY related EXCLUSIVELY to the KNOWINGLY, INTENTIONAL AND VOLATILE violations of my civil right, consumer protected rights by their CLEAR and MORE THAN AMPLY EVIDENT criminal and illegal activities and procedures which caused more loss and damages to my property by CENTRAL MORTGAGE COMPANY by and through their hired guns and bullies SAFEGUARD ONLY and "DO NOT IN ANY WAY" have ANYTHING to do with the processing or any loan funding modifications with Central Mortgage or otherwise which is an issue that is being dealt with entirely on a separate level and process.

HOWEVER, CENTRAL MORTGAGE is "ATTEMPTING" to DECEIVE and DEFLECT the ISSUES and their blatant disregard for us citizens and trample our rights with their vehemently IMPROPER actions and PROCEDURES which are the EXCLUSIVE BASIS FOR THIS COMPLAINT by "muddying the waters and throwing at the wall the Modification or financial and funding issue as would someone in a whistle blowing case as such. They are harassing me, violating my rights and when I fight for my rights and protection they avert the attention to the funding/loan processing which is "NOT" in any way shape or form a part of the complaint and they are merely EVADING the fact that they knowingly, intentionally and willingly by and through their orders and payment of hiring of Safeguard services illegally and criminally violated my rights as a citizen, consumer, property owner and damaged my home breaking in stealing personal property under the pretense of Loan Modification and property securing when they were CLEARLY, VERBALLY and NOTIFIED numerous times and ways that I, JESUS CASAL am taking care of my property and in charge of my property and DID NOT AUTHORIZE, REQUIRE, REQUEST or ALLOW PERMISSION for ANYONE to enter my property much less break into my home, trespass and enter my home, damage the door and caused more harm and damages to myself and my two large dogs (locked away in a small corner and left me unable to enter to walk, feed and water them as I usually did!

THAT and ONLY that, the CRIMINAL AND ILLEGAL activities which include but ARE NOT LIMITED TO breaking and entering, use of forced entry to enter my residence, grand theft, Larceny, and burglary of an OCCUPIED building, trespassing, among many other CIVIL and CRIMINAL VIOLATIONS is the "ONLY" reason I filed a Complaint against my mortgage Finance Company and their bullying hired guns. NOTHING related to ANY OTHER issue should even be addressed nor should they be ALLOWED to muddy the waters and use "fruit of a poisoned tree" to enable them to Evade responsibility and accountability for their intentional and abusive practices as if we were in the "Billy the Kid" cowboy hay days!

All that is required is CLEARLY and EVIDENTLY provided in explained in the attachments. I have also faxed everything to the Florida Office of Financial Regulation Division of Financial Institutions FAX 850-410-9548; Florida Office of Financial Regulation Division of Finance FAX 850-410-9300; Florida Office of Financial Regulation Division of Securities Consumer Assistance Group Consumer FAX 850-410-9748 for their intervention and assistance being that more and more it is seeming like the attention of the issues at hand and criminality is being diverted mischievously and inappropriately by Central Mortgage and some agencies. they are not keeping their eyes on the ball and the FACTS of EVIDENCE proving the violations and illegal activities.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of arvest mortgage. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "violation of fourth amendement" of central mortgage company loan modification. Central Mortgage Company needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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